Houston Mom Is Mowing Lawns For Free During Pandemic

A mother who lost her job due to the pandemic has found a way to stay positive by giving back to her community.

Lauren Laborde, from Houston, is mowing lawns for seniors and veterans who need a little extra help.

Laborde is servicing two local neighborhoods on weekdays and some weekends. She said her availability is flexible due to her losing her job in the oil and gas industry during the pandemic.

“I found myself laid off with COVID, so I decided that I needed to do something to put good back in the world,” Laborde said. “I got out and just started helping.”

Laborde joined the website IWantToMowYourLawn.com — an online community of volunteers who want to help elderly neighbors and those in underprivileged communities with their lawn care.

“It’s a great way for anybody to help if you’re looking for something to do, if you want to come volunteer we would love to have more people on the team,” she said.